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We will never learn

September 23, 2011

I metaphorically crack open my new issue of Culture Machine and run right into this:

Computationality might then be understood as an ontotheology, creating a new ontological ‘epoch’ as a new historical constellation of intelligibility. – David M. Berry, ‘The Computational Turn: Thinking About the Digital Humanities’, Culture Machine. vol 12. (2011)

He’s making a subtle point, of course. But reading those words, all that I can think of is this:

This is a world where massive amounts of data and applied mathematics replace every other tool that might be brought to bear. Out with every theory of human behavior, from linguistics to sociology. Forget taxonomy, ontology, and psychology. Who knows why people do what they do? The point is they do it, and we can track and measure it with unprecedented fidelity. With enough data, the numbers speak for themselves. – Chris Anderson, Editor-in-Chief Wired Magazine, “The Petabyte Age” (2008)

Idiots. Reprobates. Curse you, Chris Anderson, you have ruined everything.


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